Spreadsheet modelling

According to studies by Protiviti, errors are found in 94% of spreadsheets. Management information contained in spreadsheets permeates every area of business and Companies will place a heavy reliance on spreadsheets for key risk and deriving strategic business decisions, as well as operational, financial and regulatory reporting.

At Pageline, we have a team of experts with an advanced knowledge of spreadsheet models. We understand the vast array of tools available to Companies who use and rely on spreadsheet models. This coupled with our understanding of all things accounting gives us a great advantage to help you with existing and new spreadsheet models to support you and your business.

We can take a spreadsheet, and check, test and improve the overall integrity of the model. We will look at all aspects of any given spreadsheet including formulae, graphs, pivot tables, macros as well as any other elements contained in a spreadsheet.

We can work with you and your business to help develop and shape any bespoke spreadsheet model you may require, depending on your Companies unique needs to support your aspirations as a business. We want to work with you on every step of you Company’s growth trajectory and believe that effective use of spreadsheet tools will support business development. Find out more about the different spreadsheets we can develop for you.