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Time for flexi time

Time for flexi-time?

The present lock-down has had a varied effect on UK businesses.

Obviously, firms that operate in hospitality, tourism and retail – where in the main, the no-contact directive means businesses can no longer operate – have more or less stopped trading. Ironically, other businesses that have built their sales online are flourishing.

05 May 2020 Posted by Other
Aggressive rent collection banned

Aggressive rent collection banned

The government has announced the introduction of temporary new measures to protect commercial tenants on UK high streets from aggressive rent collection and closure during the Coronavirus pandemic.

These measures will see statutory demands and winding up petitions issued to commercial tenants to be temporarily voided. There will also be changes made to the use of Commercial Rent Arrears Recovery, building on measures already introduced in the Coronavirus Act. Existing measures include a moratorium on commercial landlord evictions for at least three months that was announced in late March.

28 Apr 2020 Posted by Other